Love Me,
Love My Fist
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Love Me, Love my Fist

We here at the Fist know that Revolutionary Justice and Righteous Force are just two sides of the same coin: the coin of Love. It is a coin which can be taken into The Leader's richly-appointed emporium and exchanged for the goods and services of freedom.

Love is a sweet which leaves us sticky and joyful, but sticks in our enemy's throat and chokes him to black-faced death.

It is not often the Fist waxes lyrical, but dammit even we have feelings. Not just the damp sentimentality of the young, but a higher, spiritual longing, a reaching-out of souls, an exultant swell of desire which consumes us like fire and thus makes us the real fuel of the stars in heaven.

Yes, we want to smash our loins into anything with a pulse.

This issue is the Fist's Valentine's Day special, an entire edition devoted to love in all its revolutionary forms, brought to you by beige, the colour of love. The Leader hopes all of you will enrich your politics with two scoops of love this week. And as The Leader says: "The opposite of love is not hate: the opposite of love is ignorance".

Revolutionary sex-kitten Shefali handles The Leader's gift to her, presented in honour of her services to love.

The Leader concluded the ceremony by pronouncing: "Love is the illusion that one woman differs from another". The all-female audience shuddered with orgasm.