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  • Keep Smiling
    "Things to remember: Except for going to bed, everything you do after 3am will be wrong"

  • Mr Lipowicz's Liver
    "Perhaps it was all the drugs he'd taken as a student, but at the age of 34, Max Lipowicz's liver became conscious." A short comedy.

  • Surabhi the Soldier
    Scatalogical comedy set in India. "Until the ambitious Colonel spoiled things by making him into a hero, Private Rana Surabhi had been perfectly content with army life..."

  • The Frog
    A man comes home one day to find a giant frog has made it's nest in his room.

  • The End of Thought
    Sci-Fi musings: what will happen when the machines get bored?

  • Rogue Process
    Sci-Fi scribblings: "Blogs take sides; get the story wrong in 27 different ways. The Beast spews black propaganda from every orifice: Slick is a terrorist, Slick is a virus. Slick is fighting for his life."

  • The Black Ship
    A miniature dark fantasy.

  • Do you speak Jive?
    "Mofo-style-spin-jack-baby. Dark-blue-becoming. Beaucoup mega-sombre-chill." I think that about sums it up.

  • Kingdom of God
    Black comedy.

  • Snake's Eyes
    "May the laws of random chance preserve us!" Science fiction comedy.

  • Flash fiction (very short stories)
  • Euston Station
    "I'm sitting here drinking my coffee with a pad of paper on the formica table in front of me, getting ready to do some magic." no description.

  • An NHS Xmas
    A bleak comedy performed at the Bedlam Theatre.

  • While the city sleeps...
    "Intricate geometric forms appeared from time to time, then melted away again, leaving spirals and eddies behind. Both displays were, in some unidentifiable way, biological." Science fiction.


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