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Tube Thoughts

Was that my stop? Oh it was, it was. And I've missed it. Daddy will never trust me to go on the tube again. My first time and I get lost. All alone in London and lost! Oh why couldn't I pay more attention! All those people were in the way and I couldn't see the sign and the train moved on so quickly. I just know it was my stop! Now I'm lost. Alone on the tube. How will I find Daddy now? I'll be stuck in London. Let me see - two pounds... sixty left. That's not much to live on. I shouldn't have bought that ice-cream. �2.60 - how long can I live on �2.60? Oh I'll become one of those fallen women Reverend Archer talks about. Oh it's terrible. They Drink and - and I don't know what fallen women do but it makes the Reverend very angry. I could cry. I think I'm going to cry. Wait - Green Park. This is my stop. I'm saved. Oh thank you God.

Hmm, well so much for those dot com people. Shares in electrics are up again though. Jackson-Smythes will be pleased. Splendid fellow; the club wouldn't be the same without him. Remember when he joined. Young boy, fresh out of Oxford and straight into a place at Lloyds. First rate chap indeed. Ah, the world was a different place then.

"Oh Gerald," she said, "No - we can't!" He held her too him, kissing the smooth skin of her neck with passion. "Oh Gerald." She said, "Oh Gerald, Oh..." He slid his hand up one long luscious leg, ran his fingers over her tender thighs.

Let me see - I've got the letter to Mr Johnson, there's the report for Williams of course. What else?

8:15. He'll have placed the bomb by now. I must wire Beirut immediately.

...milk, eggs, mustn't forget flour...


I wonder what they're thinking?


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