Reorganised Crime - Purple Productions (page 41)
Drams 2
Venue Old St Paul's Church (45)
Address Jeffrey Street (near Waverly Station)

Eddie Kray - illegitimate son of Reggie - is a violent but inept cockney ganster in this new comedy by Stephen and Trevor Ginn. To sort out his business difficulties he calls in a big city consulting firm:
"Who are these merchant bankers Eddie?"
"Actually we're management consultants."

The plot explores every angle of the basic joke, including some worth ignoring, but never really gets interesting. The plot is not the point though. Go see it for the lovely moments of corporate management babble and some Lock-Stock style comedy criminals (Dave Robson particularly enjoys himself in the lead role).

Runs until 25 Aug (not Sunday) at 12:30pm (1:30). Tickets £4 (£3.50)
Daniel Winterstein, 20th August 2001