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Peter Pan

Playwright- adapted from J.M.Barrie's original play
Director - Fenton Gray
Venue - The Kings Theatre, 2 Leven Street, Edinburgh, 0131 529 6000.

As far as I can tell, the New Adventures of Peter Pan are pretty much identical to the old adventures - which is bot a bad thing at all. This production perhaps takes a few more liberties than normal in telling the tale, but they stick to the original swashbuckling plot of Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook, with a supporting cast of pirates, indians, fairies, crocodiles and children. Fenton Gray's production emphasises style and fun. There's the usual pantomime silliness, plus lots of special effects such as fireworks and flying.

Gail Watson makes a dashing little Peter Pan, but it is Andy Gray's spendidly over-the-top Captain Hook who steals the show. Gerard Kelly's no. 2 villian is the only weak link with some painful jokes. There is excellent support from a team of dancers. These include the Acromaniacs, a slapstick acrobatic troupe. It's a lavish but fun production. Great entertainment for both genuine children and children who never grew up.

� Daniel Winterstein (age 24½ ), 8th December 2001


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