Noble and Silver (page 37)
1 (very good)
Venue Pleasance Above - tickets from Pleasance Courtyard (33)
Address 60 The Pleasance, 556 6550
Runs 1-27 Aug (not 13th) at 9:40pm (10:40) but at different prices:
7-9,12,14-16,19-23 Aug: £8.50 (£7.50)
10-11, 17-18 Aug: £9.50 (£8.50)
24-27 Aug: £10 (£9)
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein
If the Monty Python crew had done pub gigs (with multimedia wizardry) then they might have come up with something like this new show. It's a surreal mixture of post-modern games and bizarre juxtapositions. Last year's Perrier winners, Noble and Silver are clever and creative - but they're also damn confusing and this isn't a show for everyone.

It's a highly original comedy show that constantly defies your expectations. Although - in terms of jokes - there isn't that much material, what there is, is very funny. The props range from lion suits to rubber dinghys. Pride of place are two large TV screens. The audience though is their main prop, and they never tire of playing with your minds.

There are some brilliant moments here. And none of it is ever satisfactorily explained.
Daniel Winterstein, 6th August 2001