Midden - Rough Magic (page 126)
Drams 1 and a half
Venue Traverse (124)
Address 140 The Pleasance, 530 4543

Everything about this play is realistic: the kitchen set (with working taps, kettle and oven), the well drawn characters - and also the flat plot.

After 15 years making her fortune in America, Ruth is returning home to Ireland. Of course it's not long before the family reunion becomes a family argument. The dialogue in Midden is spot on. The characters are perfectly written and the acting is flawless. Morna Regan's script flows well and contains enough decent jokes to sustain it.

Unfortunately the play doesn't go anywhere. By the end we have learnt little more than we knew at the beginning. Midden draws the surface of a world perfectly, but never goes beneath the surface. Overall though this is a solid debut from a strong writer.

Runs until 26 Aug (not 20th) at different times: 19,24 - 2:15pm (4:30), 21,25 - 5pm (7:15), 17,22 - 7:45pm (10:00), 18,23 - 10:30am (12:45). Tickets £12 (£7.50)
Daniel Winterstein, 15th August 2001