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Slaughterhouse Lounge (page 43)
Venue Komedia Southside (82)
Address 117 Nicholson Street, 667 2212

A darkened bar, a laid back atmosphere. A man sits at a piano smoking and telling stories about life on the road: masturbation, beer, genetic engineering and his faithful dog. The guitarist just smokes and plays.

Slaughterhouse Lounge is somewhere between a piano bar and a stand-up comedy routine. The jokes are mostly toilet humour, but Gerald Tyler's deadpan ironic delivery makes it feel like something much deeper. The music is good smooth blues. Sleazy but cool, this is a great show to finish the evening with.

Runs until 26 Aug at 9:10pm (10:10). Tickets £6 (£5)
Daniel Winterstein & Paul Crook, 16th August 2001

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