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Preview: Kassandra Now! - Theatre Slava

Drams 1
Venue Komedia St Stephens (8)
Address 14 New Street
Runs 2-7 Aug at 10:30pm (11:40), 8-13 Aug at 5:30pm (6:40)
Tickets £9 (£6)
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein
Theatre Slava are a Swedish company whose plays are told through a montage of songs. Their preview consisted of a couple of such songs. These were choral pieces - perhaps closest to folk music - with only a bass drum for accompaniement. At times several seperate songlines play against each other, and individuals and groups emerge from the choir before merging back together. The different voices mingle and interweave to create rich and powerful effects. They combine singing with physical theatre, and the result reaches out to have a very direct effect on the audience.

The full show explores themes of feminine strength amidst violence and despair. It draws on the ancient Greek tragedy of Cassandra - a woman condemned to prophesy the truth but be ignored - updated to the recent conflicts in the balkans. However, since it does this in Swedish, most of us will never know quite what's going on.

It shouldn't matter. Theatre Slava's strong stage presence and evocative singing transcend the language barrier. Expect a show that is emotionally hardhitting, but ultimately beautiful.
� Daniel Winterstein August 2001


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