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Darek Maj (right) in battle as Coriolanus Coriolanus - Teatr Modjeska (page 123)
Drams 0
Venue Old College Quad (192)
Address South Bridge, 662 8740
Reviewer Ksenija Horvat & Daniel Winterstein

Drum beats echo off stone walls and torches flare. Rough clad men run through the audience and the air is thick with the threat of violence. Teatr Modjeska's offering to this year's Fringe is an exciting interpretation of Shakespeare's play about corruption and disillusionment. This promenade production of Coriolanus is done in the best traditions of physical theatre, and it succeeds entirely to move and challenge it's audience.

Led by the superb Darek Maj, the inspired cast bring to life the subtle complexity of Shakespeare's play in a contemporary Polish translation by Stanislaw Baranczak, and draw parallels with post-communist Poland. The drama is heightened by striking live music from Kormorany, a legendary underground Polish rock band.

Performed in Polish with fragments of English, but nevertheless accessible. Don't miss this play.

Runs until 21 Aug (not Wednesdays) at 9:30pm (10:45). Tickets £10 (£7)
Ksenija Horvat & Daniel Winterstein, 12th August 2001

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