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Preview: Naphthalene - Comic Trust
2 and a wee one
Venue St Stephens (8)
Address 14 New Street
Runs 2-7 Aug at 7:15pm (8:10), 8-13 Aug at 11:30pm (12:30)
Tickets £9 (£6)
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein
Comic-Trust are a trio of Russian clowns. For the Bongo Club's opening cabaret, they performed a somewhat surreal musical piece. It involved them miming and tap-dancing to a Russian song whilst pretending to be puppets.

It was light-hearted cabaret material. The humour was gentle, the music nice, and the tap-dancing reasonably good.

The full show promises "clownery with quackery, pantomime, puppetry, slapstick, sketches and crazy slavonic dances". We will keep you posted.
� Daniel Winterstein August 2001


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