The Bald Prima Donna - Asylum Theatre (page 90)
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Venue Komedia Roman Eagle Lodge (21)
Address 2 Johnston Terrace, 226 7207

This is the play that grew out of Eugene Ionesco's teach-yourself-English book and spawned absurdist theatre. Mr and Mrs Smith exchange cliched banal conversation. Two dinner guests arrive, who feel they've met somewhere before and are delighted to find that they are in fact married. An underemployed fireman turns up whilst the maid provides a running commentary. All played by two actors with one prop (a pipe) on an almost bare stage.

The Bald Prima Donna is a hilarious examination of absurdities of human interaction and bourgeois manners in particular. The characters speak in pseudo-cliches and pseudo-truisms: "All doctors are charlatans, and their patients too." These disintigrate into wild caricature and parody as conventional reality goes out the window. Donal Gallagher and Geraldine O'Grady are completely superb as everyone. Under Ali Robertson's bold direction, they dart about the stage, magically leaping from character to character. An exceptional staging of a classic comedy. Book tickets now.

Runs until 26 Aug at 4:55pm (5:40). Tickets £6 (£4)
Daniel Winterstein, 24th August 2001