Preview: John Sinclair - Angels and Bagpipes
3 and a wee one
Venue The Bongo Club (143)
Address 14 New Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein
We all have at least one friend - or perhaps an elder relative - like John Sinclair. A nice man; friendly to others and at peace with himself. Someone you can relax with. Unfortunately, also a boring man, with a vast supply of dull anecdotes.

Angels and Bagpipes has a simple format: One man on stage telling you stories from his life. The show is unscripted. Sinclair freely meanders from subject to subject in a very mellow manner. However his stories never seem to go anywhere. He's honest, but this is more of a mistake than a virtue. His show lacks the humour to be comedy, and lacks the insight to be anything else.

Playing to a happy-drunk crowd, he didn't raise a single laugh. But then he didn't tell a single joke. Much of his routine is based on running through the jobs he's failed at. He could well add 'comedian' to the list.
Daniel Winterstein August 2001