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Angel - Redkat Productions (page 41)
Drams 1 (very good)
Venue (49)
Address 11b Bristo Place, 225 9893
Regretably this review will be too late for you to catch what was an excellent show. However I have no doubt that Briony Redman will be back with another comedy next year. I really can't wait.

"God has a plan. Not a very well thought out plan, but he thought he'd give it a go anyway..." So it is that Ben, recently deceased, is sent back to earth to be a guardian angel to his best friend Matt. The plan might have worked better if his girlfriend hadn't been in Matt's bed at the time, or if the local pizza-delivery-girl-cum-witch hadn't got involved.

Angel by Briony Redman is dead good, as it were. The script sparkles with irreverent wit. It's sharp and clever (if shallow) entertainment, and would make a very original sitcom if the story didn't tie itself up so neatly.

Matt spends most of the play strung out and hanging onto the thought that he might only be crazy, so Ben gets most of the good lines. Meanwhile God and the devil look on whilst playing Connect 4. Angels sulk, girlfriends faint and one-liners fly. Brilliant.

Runs 6-11 Aug at 3:15pm (4:15). Tickets £5.50 (£4)
Daniel Winterstein, 10th August 2001

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