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Trojan Women
Drams 1
Venue C3
Address Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket, Royal Mile
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Euripides' Trojan Women is a classic anti-war play from ancient Greece. Set immediately after the fall of Troy, the captive Queen Hecuba and her daughters await their fate. This new adaptation by lead actress Bridget Collins and director Tom Cooper strips the play down into a claustrophobic three hander. The gods, the Greeks and the chorus don't make the cut. The style is less poetic but retains the essence of the original.

The cast should be too young for the material, but good performances make it work. Frances Bucknall's Hecuba adds a feeling of age. Bridget Collins' Andromache carries the show with a powerful portrayal of a wife and mother who has lost everything. From time to time, her acting slips and her youth shows, but not so much as to destroy the mood of despair this play creates. The intimate space of the venue intensifies the impact. A hard-hitting piece of theatre.

11:30pm, runs until 25th August.
© Daniel Winterstein, 19th August 2002.


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