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Tangled (page )
Drams 3
Venue C O2 (venue 202)
Address Oxygen, Infirmary Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Jessica, a chorus line dancer, always dreamt of being famous. Now she is famous, but not in the way she expected: wanted for accidentally killing a young girl. She has gone to ground - literally, hiding out down a hole in a small outback town. Her boyfriend brought her there, but he's been gone two weeks... Starved of company, she gradually loses the plot.

Tangled attempts to look at the media's reckless way of handling sensational crimes. Unfortunately an isolated hole in the ground doesn't provide a good position from which to do this. Noni Bousfield gives a brave performance, although her deterioration into insanity isn't convincing. A worthy but deeply flawed play.

© Daniel Winterstein, 18th August 2002.


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