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Drams 3
Venue Traverse Theatre (Venue 15)
Address Cambridge Street, off Lothian Road
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Stitching is a good example of bad shock tactics. The language is foul, but worse still is the imagery - which drags in every vile thing writer-director Anthony Nielson could think of (including, but not limited to, prostitution, pornography and violence). Even Auschwitz gets included in an unpleasant and entirely gratuitous way.

It's all a bit pointless, leaving me disappointed rather than outraged. The only reason for it is to bolster an otherwise inconsequential play. Behind the swearing and the nastiness there is nothing that's genuinely controversial - because there is nothing here to make the audience think.

It's the story of a failed relationship. An unromantic comedy, told in a clever structure of flashbacks and flash-forwards centred around an argument over having a baby. The production isn't bad. Selina Boyack and Phil McKee are very convincing in challenging roles. Nielson directs well, there are some good jokes and the play moves along at a fast pace. A shame that it's such a pile of ****.

Runs 2nd - 24th August, except 5th,12th & 19th.
© Daniel Winterstein, 4th August 2002


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