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Rocket and Roxie's Untimely, Tragic and Fiery Death Stunt Show (page 145)
Drams 1
Venue Underbelly
Address George IV Bridge, entrances on Cowgate and Victoria Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Fire is cool. The Daredevil Opera Company understand that, and had the further insight that flaming unicycles in a small space would be even cooler.

Nevermind that the material is overstretched and the clowning is sometimes overdone. Nevermind that the puerile and crude humour is only occasionally funny. Rocket Johnny - a 1950s style superhero - does not actually pogo to the moon as he promises. So they aren't perfect; we forgive them. This is a most exciting circus show.

They blow things up! They juggle chainsaws! They walk tightropes! They splash paraffin everywhere and set fire to themselves! One trick relies on careful timing to avoid blowing up the front row (but when my friend tried to light up a cigarette the Underbelly staff told him off for being a fire hazard. God knows how they spotted him through all the smoke). They dice with danger! On roller-skates! And toast marshmallows!

The title almost says it all. Except: Go see this show before Jonah Logan, Amy Gordon and Tom Comet really do meet an untimely, tragic and fiery death, leaving the world a safer but more boring place.

Runs until 11th August. 11:45pm. �8 (�7).
© Daniel Winterstein, 6th August 2002


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