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Latin Quarter

Drams 1
Venue The Blue Note
Address Chambers Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

One of the joys of leaving London for Edinburgh is the wealth of late night drinking places. The Blue Note is one of my favourites. An archetypal jazz dive; dark and smoky with a friendly laid back atmosphere. After a hard day watching theatre it is a welcome sight.

Last night's band were Latin Quarter, an excellent local group. They're playing a funky beat driven jazz. Something to tap your whole body too. Soft but lively, it slips down like liqueur coffee. Samba influences are noticeable. Manuel's superb bongo rhythms encourage some people to dance, though there isn't really space. I maintain the dignity of the press at the bar. Most of the numbers are instrumental, a mix of modern standards and originals. Guest singer Ruli Manurung and drummer Paul Mills finish with a couple of Stevie Wonder songs though, doing them justice with deep rich voices.

Latin Quarter are Ewen Maclean (piano, guitar & composer), Manuel Contreras Maya (bongos), Paul Mills (drums), Dougie Tiplady (sax) and Kevin Glasgow (bass). The Blue Note isn't officially participating in the festival, but they offer late night jazz seven days a week. Cover charge �2.

© Daniel Winterstein, 5th August 2002


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