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Simon Munnery - Noble Thoughts of a Noble Mind

Drams none
Venue The Stand Comedy Club
Address 5 York Place
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Fringe veteran and Perrier nominee Simon Munnery is back, but this year instead of the technical gizmos of the League Against Tedium, he just has an orange bucket on his head. His new show mixes one-liners, philosophical musings with anecdotes and observations, plus some poetry and harmonica. The show is in two halves, with an interlude of performance poetry and comedy songs by special guests 'Sons of Paleface'. The second half is a rambling tour of the now bucket-less Munnery's head. Partially improvised, it is less consistently funny, but there's a pleasing roughness to it. He finishes with an outdoor harmonica concert.

It's all charmingly absurd, and with lots of good jokes. I'm tempted to quote the entire first half - almost every line is quotable - but the press release asks us not to. Sorry; you'll just have to find out for yourself. Munnery's humour is witty; intelligent but not at all elitist. He is a bucket-headed loon in the best possible way. The Stand provides a nice cosy venue in which to see him. Noble Thoughts could be described as a self-help course by Woody Allen on magic mushrooms with a Bob Dylan soundtrack. Not that this description would be remotely accurate, but perhaps you might find it useful anyway.

2:30pm, runs until 26th August.
© Daniel Winterstein, 20th August 2002.


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