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Low Jinks (page 134)
Drams 2
Venue The Bongo Club (Venue 143)
Address 14 New Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

(insert killer introduction here) Low Jinks is a postmodern clown show, a show about trying to be funny. Stuart Goldsmith puts on a courageous performance in what is virtually a one man show. Initially wildly enthusiastic ("You'll leave here purer beings!") he becomes downbeat as a string of man-walked-into-a-bar jokes fall flat, and he is harassed by a disembodied Irish voice. A cardboard box is brought on containing a miniature version of the show, whose clown seems to be doing much better: squeaky voiced pearls of wisdom are greeted with rapturous squeaky applause. Meanwhile Stuart Goldsmith's wind up rhino fails to work.

Its strange, very clever, and occasionally quite funny. It keeps threatening to dive into serious territory, but shies away. Much of the time it makes you feel a little awkward, which is deliberate, but nevertheless - well, awkward. Still, you get to play with balloons, which is fun and leaves you feeling happy. You, yes you.

Runs 12-20th August except 18th. �5 (�3.50)
© Daniel Winterstein, 14th August 2002


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