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The Story of Love and Hate (page 152)
Drams 4
Venue C Venue (Venue 34)
Address Chambers Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

In this one man show Andy Fox tells us about Robert Mitchum. He was a hard man. A drifter before he was a movie star. Fame it seems was not good to him. There were drink problems, and the womanising; like so many others. His story is told in the tones of penitent hangover. Unfortunately though this is essentially a tribute by a fan to his idol; an indulgent project that doesn't ask any difficult questions.

The Mitchum anecdotes are roughly joined together by references to Fox's own life. A mistake; Mitchum's dry style - straight out of a film noir - sits uneasily with Fox's stand-up comedian patter.

Michelle Forster's excellent set creates an air of seedy decadence from a few parts carefully chosen and arranged. Unfortunately Fox fails to fill it. Out of his depth as an actor, his Robert Mitchum lacks presence, and his Andy Fox lacks interest.

Runs until 25th August, except 13th. 3pm. �6.50 (�5.50)
© Daniel Winterstein, 9th August 2002


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