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GOGO! the boy with the magic feet

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Venue The Botanical Gardens
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Go see this show - Gogo! the boy with the magic feet is simply the best thing at the festival. It is a wonderful fable of magic, football and Africa told with comedy, music, and dance. By turns exciting, funny, beautiful and moving. A brilliant, brilliant, joyous show.

It stars the Zawose family from the Wagogo tribe, Tanzania with British and African support. The performers are all superb. Instant knighthood to Toby Gough for putting the show together and bringing it here.

It's a promenade performance that uses the setting well - and what a setting: the botanical gardens may be a bit damp, but with the help of drummers, dancers and spirits they are transformed into an exotic and exciting Africa. The finale has everyone dancing as fireworks burst above Edinburgh castle. And the profits go to a good cause (defusing the landmines we make that continue to cripple and kill).

Go see this show. It is exuberant unique and brilliant. Go see this show. Don't let the weather stop you (but take a raincoat). Go see this show.

Runs until 30th August, 8pm.
© Daniel Winterstein, 14th August 2002


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