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The Establishment (page 28)
Drams You've had enough already.
Venue C Venue (Venue 34)
Address Chambers Street
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

The Establishment - which starts at 1am - sees C venues moving into the territory of Gilded Balloon's Late and Live. A fiver (half the price of Late and Live) gets you 3 hours of stand-up comedy with a late-licensed bar to make sure no-one sobers up. Each night has a different line up, chosen from around the fringe, making it an unpredictable show.

Opening act Lucy Porter was good, but the star of the show was the hilarious (and political) Hils Barker. She's in the finals for the Telegraph's Open Mic Award, and should get it if there's any justice in the world. A piece of classical Indian dance provided a welcome if somewhat random break. Quality is variable. Ironically Late and Live are the establishment who get the known names, and The Establishment are the young upstarts. Some acts are best forgotten, but overall it was an excellent end to the evening.

Runs until 25th August, 1am-3am. �5
© Daniel Winterstein, 11th August 2002


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