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Unbeknownst to you, dear surfer, this website contains cgi widgets that track your every move. One of the things recorded is the search terms people type in to find this site. These reveal that google has wisdom beyond human understanding, and the web contains some strange people.
  • serviette boy sex photos - no comment
  • diary of a sex kitten
  • touchy things
  • velvet hotpants
  • picture sexy - my friend Mark
  • sexy mark - ditto
  • picture of a leech - a photo of me, rather depressingly
  • hipsters : picture - Jon Hibbard, naturally
  • picture devil - Gwyn of course
  • goth ballroom dancing lessons San Francisco
  • picture negro man naked
  • sexy nhs nurse
  • Ninja Secrets
  • ninja monkey
  • monkey machine
  • Infinity picture
  • the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness
  • Man is the measure of all things
  • obscure mathematical scribblings
  • realistic biologically speaking story about mushrooms
  • keeping a frog and what it eats
  • carved marble birds
  • bite yourself and pull your hair when your mad
  • Good ways of self inflicting pain on yourself
  • pain the ass personality
  • riot picture
  • cockroach picture - the police on Mayday
  • a picture of tofu
  • meets the pope
  • decadent infidel
  • taking the lord's name in vain


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