Happy Chanukah!

Since I'm now working in computer games, I thought I'd send mini-game e-cards this year. Having just seen the beautiful March of the Penguins, I was inspired to make the following seasonal game, which has almost nothing in common with how penguins actually live.

Play the role of a penguin trying to keep your penguin chicks warm through the Antarctic winter (by standing on them). But you also need to keep yourself fed on fish or you will starve.
Controls: Use the mouse to move your penguin (he'll follow the cursor). When you're near the edge of the ice shelf, a 'jump' button will appear - click on this to jump into or out of the water.
The weather gets colder (with chicks freezing faster), then warmer if you make it through winter. The fish/fish-skeleton in the top right indicates how much food you have left.

It's only been tested on my browser (Firefox v1.5), so it may not work on yours (or it may look rubbish). Try reloading the page if you have problems.

Have a good holiday,
Love Daniel