Events occur when the user does something (although they can also be 'faked' by JavaScript). They can trigger event handlers - JavaScript code that responds to the event.
This page lists the events we have met on the course (I will be updating it as we go).


Triggered when the user clicks on an element.
E.g. <a href="#" onClick='alert("You clicked.");' >Click Here</a>
Click Here

onMouseOver / on MouseOut

Triggered when the mouse moves over an element, or leaves it.
<img src="roseNormal.gif"
         onMouseOut='this.src="roseNormal.gif";'  >


Can be used in the <img> tag or the <body> tags. Triggered when the element finishes downloading. E.g.
<img src="roseNormal.gif" onLoad='ready();' >

For a sophisticated example of using this, see Implementing a Loading Bar. Be warned that this is quite a complex example.