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Ty Coropration Join The Struggle
The Ty Corporation have recently released a 'Leader' Beanie Baby which has achieved a new record in sales price.

The company, which aims to make its products immediately collectable by keeping production numbers strictly secret, has only disclosed that the 'Leader' has had the largest production run to date, and yet Leaders have been reported changing hands at several thousand pounds.

Astute collectors have already secured themselves the as-yet unreleased 'Bastard Finn' Beanie Baby from their local stores aware that a 'Leader' - 'Bastard Finn' pairing will be worth potentially ten times more and either on its own.

Ty have previously avoided gimmicks in their Babies, however there have been leaks from people close to the company that 'Bastard Finn' will have extra appeal than the usual friendly feel, good build quality and collectable status; with re-fillable blood sacks and detachable limbs.

Children Recognise the Power of the Revolution.
These are happy days to be growing up in. Never in the past have this nation's youth had such a powerful and reassuring figurehead to follow. Never has such a reassuring presence been seen at the very top of the country's echelons of power.

The strength and beauty of the leader inspires awe and peace in our children. Playground activities have never changed so completely in so short a time. Ask a young boy in any school if he enjoys playing 'Cops and Robbers' and he won't understand you. Ask a young girl about any of the parlour games you used to play when her age, such as 'Simon Says' and she won't understand you.

Children have adopted the revolution as their cause. No nursery is not beige, any parent with a car which is not a Capri is now used to clearing up the projectile vomitting. 'Revolutionaries and Corrupt Capitalist Elites' is what the children now play, 'Leader Says' is the top parlour game. The nursery rhyme scene has changed entirely as well: 'Pop Goes the Finn' is almost the only one in use these days. The top party game isn't pass the parcel, but pass the pornography and musical chairs usually ends with the person ending with the final chair declaring themselves Leader of the party and butchering the others. Unconstitutional games involving usage of words not consistent with the revolution, such as 'King of the Castle', have been phased out entirely.

It has never been truer to say that childhood is the best days of our lives!