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Mika Hakkinnen
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Leader calls for end to French Treachery

In a stirring call to arms, the Leader has revealed for the first time the true and deadly nature of the Gallic Menace. Under the guidance of Finnish Intelligence, the government of France has amassed a vast hoard of counter-revolutionary jibes which could at any time be released on her own People.

Sources have revealed to the Leader that this armoury includes some snide remarks that are banned by the Geneva Conventions, and a sneer more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. And with the MOCK II delivery rockets, most of the world is within range. As with nuclear war, so with harsh words. We have lived in the shadow of extermination for too long - we will tolerate it no longer.

Without the knowledge or consent of its citizens, France has placed herself at the right hand of the Finn. Now those citizens themselves have become the front line of revolutionary struggle.

The price they pay will be heavy. In his address the Leader called for all France to be given a mighty thwack, crushing it entirely. This move is unanimously supported by the revolutionary movement.

The FIST says: if Johnny Frenchman will not lower his taunt, the Revolution will break its foot off in his ass.