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The Leader Speaks

Become hot! Become hotter, O radiant sun of Revolution! The New Day is beginning, and anyone not smeared in LeaderCream is going to get burned.

This is the bloody Morning of our first struggle. Now the Morning Fist must be raised, so that the first ragged cry will tear from the throats of the people. The Fist stands for strength, which is recognised by every human being. The Fist stands for a new beginning, which is neither the chicken nor the egg, but the Kiev. The Fist stands for victory, because we have history on our side and all the force of Justice behind us.

Breakfast will be the most important meal of the day, when we will be recognised for the threat that we represent, and the Old Order at the height of its power will turn on us. If we are strong enough - and your Leader has strength for all his people - our foes will be as dust before our hurricane. Make no mistake, the myth of civil society is not worth a gobbet of the Leader's phlegm. When he speaks, his drool is Law.

'Kill a reactionary, win a Capri'. This will be our watchword, our battle-cry. What heart could not be caught?

The history of all hitherto existing mornings has been a beige struggle. As the colour of love, it surrounds us, it penetrates us. It binds us together.

The Leader is a prudent man, and does not plan beyond lunch. But by then, every Revolutionary aim will be complete, and the people of the world will step joyously into the warm afternoon of Justice.