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All men are equal but some are more equal than others, at least as far as this website goes. Revolution only comes about through struggle and sacrifice. Listed below are those who laid down their degrees/careers to bring you The Leader's message. One day, when the people of the world have been liberated from oppression and tyranny, huge social-realist statues will be erected in their honour. Or would be, if they weren't so butt-ugly.

Ofiicial photograph of the Fist editorial staff in red square

Morning Fist is the work (in order of flatulence) of:
Chris Beauchamp
Peter Green
Daniel Winterstein

with additional article(s) by
Mark Watkins
Rose Beauchamp
#### ######

Perhaps they'll get statues with paper bags on their heads.

The editors would like to make it clear that they do not have anything against the Finns. Finland was chosen as the official enemy of the revolution mainly because we don't know any Finns (but if we were to meet some, we're sure we'd find them perfectly decent people). No, the people we hate are the Flemish, but we daren't say that for fear of their terrible reprisals.

The views expressed here are not neccessarily those of the Leader, and no guarantee is offered, explicit or implied, on their validity as the foundations of a new society.

To contact the Fist, please use the feedback form.

Created using weeks of experience, Southern Comfort & lemonade, & Allaire Homesite. Graphics done with Paintshop Pro 5.

Unless stated otherwise, all text and graphics are copyright of the Morning Fist and may not be copied or used without permission. Breaking this rule will bring down the wrath of the Leader and the full force of revolutionary justice.

Disclaimer: Revolution can be dangerous, and should only be carried out under the supervision of the Leader.

Sadly animals were butchered in vast numbers whilst making this website (You should have seen their faces, the Leader mourned, I laughed & laughed.). However it was only tested on reactionaries and no african tribes were exploited in writing it. Your statutory rights to the funk are not affected.